Dầu ULVOIL R-7 ULVAC , Dầu dùng cho máy bơm hút chân không ULVOIL R-7

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Dầu ULVOIL R-7 ULVAC 20L -Dầu bơm hút chân không

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Oil for Rotary Vacuum Pumps ULVOIL R-4 / R -7 / R-80 Dầu dùng cho máy bơm hút chân không ULVOIL R-4 / R -7 / R-80

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il for Rotary Vacuum Pumps ULVOIL R-4 / R -7 / R-80

R-4/ R-7 and R-80 are fr general use petroleum based oil created for both cost effectiveness and quality through hydrogenation improvement and high vacuum rectification processing.


R-80 have great general applicability and were developed primarily for small medium and large oil rotary pumps.

R-4 and R-7 are cost effective products with high general applicability. When using a pump with an extremely high gas load chemical changes may occur in the oil due to the heat generated and the chemical composition of the gasses being pumped. Be sure to select oil which is correctly suited to the pump type and operating conditions being used in the particular vacuum application.

Although fluoride based synthetic oil has stable chemical properties the Super R Series is recommended when high end lubrication rust prevention and sealing are desired. The Super R Series provides the highest quality level for many vacuum pumping applications.

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